The picture above is way too big and I'm working on trying to find out how to make it smaller.  SO, don't throw rocks at me.

I was once told that anyone starting a BLOG, especially with anything about politics, was asking for headaches, heartaches, and venom.  I don't know how much of this is true but I'm about to find out.  My original thoughts were to make this a political blog but it turns out that I have way more things I'm interested in that just politics. The pundits of blogs keep telling us new guys that you have to find a niche and stick to it.   That's all well and good but I was in regimented life for 20 years and doing what is expected to work doesn't let you find new things.  So I'm declaring that this blog has no "niche" it's for whatever pops into my head that I feel like writing about.  In the mix I expect to have guest contributors and I may not agree with their thoughts. If I don't agree with them I will say so "LOUDLY".   As you can tell from the home page I have a couple of beliefs that are in direct opposition to quite a few people so I expect quite a bit of feedback.  I also plan to write about software that I use.  I will only write about software that I have purchased for myself or my family.  



I want this page to be about the subject matter but I realize some folks want to know something about the person they are getting opinions from. So! Something about me.

This blog is going to be my personal opinions on subjects ranging from what I think is funny and what I think is not so funny. Things that I think are running OK and some things that I think are not running OK. To give you a sense of where I'm coming from, I offer the following information.

I was born 76 years go in rural southwestern Indiana. .  I graduated from what I feel was a very good school that did a good job of preparing students for their future.  This was due to teachers like Dewey Wier, Jim Hartmen, Jan Merder, Ruth Hinkle and Faye Sisson.

The school had  general STEM courses, called general studies back then, and industrial arts classes. I enrolled in some of each. In general studies I liked geography, math and HISTORY. In shop I took woodworking, sheet metal working , industrial drawing and electrical shop.

As I remember it I graduated on Sunday May 31st went on a three day trip to my sister's in Ohio and on Friday June 5th I saw the Army Recruiter, SFC Ernest Eveland, walk into the courthouse. With two small scholarships, with plans to attend to a small and cheap school, in my pocket, I followed him in, filled out paper work, got parents signatures and left for Indianapolis that evening.

On Saturday June 6th, 1959 I was sworn into the US Army as a PVT E1 with a guarantee that I would go to Military Police School. Quite a number of years later I retired, medically as a Sergeant First Class who wanted to stay in. During my time I was in 38 different countries and stationed in four different countries. Korea, Ethiopia, Thailand and Vietnam.

During my first enlistment I married a local girl who I had attendced school with.  After two years, she decided that the military life was not for her and ask for a divorce. Two and a half years later I met another local girl and after dating for two weeks left her to go to my new station in Two Rock Ranch Station just outside of Petaluma, CA. After about a month I decided I ought to ask her to marry me and when I did, she accepted. That was 53 years ago and we're still together. Her name is " She Who Must Be Obeyed" and hence forth, in this blog, will be referred to as “HERSELF”. I am the father of two lovely daughters (one surviving) and one lovely granddaughter. They are Herself version two and three.

My remainder of service time was spent in a command known as the US Army Security Agency.   I only fired my weapon in combat, that I was actually shooting at the enemy once, and it was because I was in a small convey that got ambushed.  While I aimed my weapon and fired I'm not sure I hit anyone. I'm fairly sure I, at least, made the other guy duck, I don't know I ever actually shot someone. On the other hand, due to the nature of my job, I'm sure I've saved many lives just by providing intelligence.

Anyone and everyone is invited to comment on the information in this blog but some rules apply. No foul language! If your not smart enough to speak your piece without foul language, your not smart enough to use the venue of this blog. Please no posting of personally identifiable information such as phone numbers and addresses.