I Believe In Women’s Rights

I believe that women should receive equal pay for equal work!


I believe that women should have the right of choice in childbirth!

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I Believe In Limited Gun Control

I believe that guns should be available for purchase for those responsible enough to use them properly.  That said, it Micksense To Me that background checks are only prudent in todays society.

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I Believe The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

If the person is actually guilty of the crime I still feel the Death Penalty should be abolished.  It lets a man sit on death row with appeal after appeal which costs a small fortune.  Government statistics posit an average of over 1.6M dollars per prisoner against average yearly cost of normal incarceration of around $31K.    If the person is truly guilty, it Micksense To Me, to let them rot in solitary confinement for the rest of their life.

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Well I’ve had my little trip to Hawaii and Alaska.  The last time I was in either of these places I told my self that I would never have to come back.  Due to the power that my daughter, my grand daughter and my wife wield over me I wound up going back to both.  Except for a bother with Princess Lodging in Alaska it was a very nice trip. But, again I don’t figure I’ll ever have to go back to either one.   As a closing note, we should help drain the swamp.


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